About VoIP

voice-over-ip-voip-297x300We provide Cloud Hosted VoIP Solutions for businesses that are not only simple, but also powerful. We firmly believe that simple solutions best serve UK businesses.

Our VoIP Platform

When it comes to our VoIP system, it is unique in the sense that the enterprise grade platform is an industry leader. In addition to providing 99.99 per cent uptime, our system ensures maximum security as well as service quality.

Number Licensing

The number that we host for your business is given a separate license on our VoIP system, allowing you to get linked to our system as well as make or receive calls irrespective of where you are in the world. All that you are required to do is just plug in your VoIP phone to use our system. Alternatively, you can log in with the help of our Free ìSoftPhonesî service.

Hardware Support

As Ciscoís official business partner, we provide VoIP handsets from Polycom and Cisco that are the best in the market. They come with extensive features such as multiple functions and lines, easy adjustment etc. We do not deal with inferior quality, complicated and hither to unknown handset brands at all.

Reliable Connectivity

For businesses, both in London and across the country, we provide the most sophisticated QoS connectivity. In addition, we do a great deal of behind-the-scenes work in order to customize the solution for each of clients. This is to ensure that you are in a position to meet all your business needs without any connectivity issues.

Handset Installation

The plug and play handsets provided by us are all pre-configured and you can start using as soon as you receive them. After doing a number of tests, we have determined that the time we require, on average, to set up a handset at your site is just 3 minutes 22 seconds.


All you need to be trained on is to dial a number and forward and transfer calls. This is because we supply the best as well as the most user-friendly hardware. Of course, the handset manual comes as a standard package in the welcome kit that you receive when you place an order.

VoIP System Management

Our team members monitor as well as manage the VoIP system on a continuous basis so as to help you to run your business without any hassles.

Call Logs

Log in portal facility is provided to all our business clients. This enables you to view package details, call logs and voice mails. If you have one of the modern web browsers in your system, you will be able to connect to the portal wherever you are in the world.

Setup Cost

There is no cost involved as we provide free VoIP setup. You donít have to make any upfront payments nor deposits. VoIP can make a great deal of difference as far as your businessí cash flow is concerned.

Scalable System

We have designed our VoIP system in such a way that it scales seamlessly as your business grows. Therefore, you can order additional phones or add new numbers to your existing work whenever you want. It is as simple as that!