VOIP features

VOIP System Features

Our VOIP handsets and system have a host of features that one use to his/her advantage.

Enterprise Grade Handsets

The handsets are capable of handling multiple simultaneously active calls.

Free Calls to Other VOIP Customers

You can make calls to other VOIP users for free.

Cheap VOIP Calls

You can make cheap international, national and local calls using our VOIP handsets. This includes all 0800, 01, 02, and 03 numbers.

Call International, Pay Local

Our VOIP overseas calls are very cheap compared to conventional international calls. As an example, you can make a call to the use for as little as 0.38 pence per minute.

Detailed Call Logging

This feature lets you monitor all the inbound as well as outbound calls for all extensions.

Call Forwarding

The call forward facility allows you to divert your VOIP calls to any other mobile or landline number for those on the move.

Redial Option

The VOIP phone uses a soft-key option to enable different call features. ‘Redial√≠ key enables you to redial the most recently dialled number.

Do-not-Disturb (DND) Option

The DND feature prevents incoming calls from audibly ringing the telephone. Instead the calls can be forwarded to another number or the voice message box. This can be used when you are busy with other jobs and do not want to be disturbed.

SIP-enabled Intercom

This feature allows a host of facilities including being able to ping to colleagues (in real time) who are in any location or make one way announcements from landline or mobile phone.

Call-hold Feature

Any caller can be put on hold without going off the line by using the ‘Hold button on the telephone. It also features music (royalty-free) that the caller can listen to while his/her call is on hold.

Ringtone Variety

The user can choose from a selection of ringtones ranging from traditional to modern tunes.


Headsets can be chosen optionally with the VOIP phone to handle large incoming call volumes.

Online Call Management System

All call logs can be viewed and all voicemail listened to by using our VOIP Online Management System. Even calls can be managed online.

CLI Feature

Where privacy is required, this feature allows to completely remove the display name and calling number (customize) from an outgoing message. This helps to control what others would be able to view when you call them.

Transfer/Divert Feature

Calls can be routed to another desk when busy or when your phone is in the DND mode.

Call Record Facility

All in- and outbound VOIP calls can be recorded for a period of up to 5 years or even longer (on request).

Routing Feature

This helps to route calls/voicemail to specific users depending when the calls come in

Voicemail Feature

The VOIP telephone system is enabled to receive voicemail from any phone. Audio files of messages can be sent to your email inbox account. Missed calls can be tracked easily.

Upgrade with Ease

More handsets, numbers, lines etc., can be added without any hassles.

Location Independent System

The VOIP system can be easily relocated to anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.